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Order Cancellation Policy

Customer care is our top priority here to ensure quality and service simultaneously. This is why we have added the Order Cancellation Policy to our website.

To cancel the recently made order, you must first confirm your Email, phone, or WhatsApp to proceed. You will receive 24 hours to confirm your identity. On receiving the cancellation order within 24 hours, we will deduct 35% of the amount of the specific Product while refunding the rest. If we receive the order after 48 hours, the deduction from the amount will be 50% while refunding the rest. We cannot allow you to cancel the order after five days since our delivery time is 4-5 days. So, it would not be possible for you to do so.

You must refrain from asking for cancellation at the time of order shipment, as it would be a much longer process. However, you can retain the money with our 30 days return policy, where you can return the Product within 30 days to get the refund.