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Q. How to choose correct size?

Answer: Choosing correct size for your jacket or trouser we have created our own size chart which helps you that what size is perfect to you. But if your desired size not listed in our size chart so you have a custom size option by which you send us your custom size (+£11 extra charges).

Q. Why do I need to check my emails?

Answer: When you register or place an order at our website so we require your current email address on which you mostly check your emails, because we send updates regarding your order(s) and as soon as it is shipped so all tracking details are sent to your email address.

Q. Can I Exchange or Refund it?

Answer: We offer 30 days easy return/refund policy if you need to exchange your item due to not having correct size, material or look of the product so you can easily mail us if we made mistake in shipping you wrong item so we will bear all shipment charges but if you select wrong size or you want other design so you will have to bear all shipment charges. And if you need refund so we assure you to full money back guarantee within 30 days.

Q. How much time does my order take to be arrived?

Answer: Normally order takes 8 to 10 working days to be arrived on destination, but sometimes it could take 15 to 18 working days due to cutting custom item pattern perfectly according to your custom measured size, this process saves you from any inconvenience. We use DHL, Skynet, TNT Express etc. fast and reliable courier services.

Q. Why don’t you respond quickly of my emails?

Answer: Every query responded within 12 working hours as we are receiving huge Enquiry emails so every email are considered very important so we reply each and every email which we receive, but sometimes it could take longer time than expected due to having some technical issues.

Q. My jacket’s color is not same as image shown on your website?

Answer: While taking product photos some shades on the jacket could change the jacket color but every product features or description we mostly mention the item color before placing your order you may read It’s complete specifications then you have all info about your order but still you have any query so please contact us when you have all info about the product and we know what actually you want so it reduces the possibility of any misunderstanding between us.

Q. What error am I facing with my payment?

Answer: Make sure which card you try to use:

  • It’s expiry date
  • Your billing address
  • Check your credit card limit
  • Credit or Debit card number
  • Check your fund in your credit card and PayPal account

Q. How can I talk to customer support on call?

Answer: If you want to talk to our customer support on phone call so you may send us your phone/mobile number our customer support will contact you within 12 to 15 working hours.

Q. Could I see the actual photos of the jacket?

Answer: Mostly we keep updating each and every product photos on our websites but if you see only celebrity images and want to see the actual jacket images so you can simply email us at [email protected] if we have stock of the item so we will send the images of the actual jacket.

Q. Will I have to pay customs or import duties?

Answer: Mostly buyer have to pay the charges of customs or import duties once the item reaches it’s destination country. Person who receives the item will pay the charges (customs or import duties are also charged to retail and wholesale buyers).

Q. Can I make any changes in my order after placing?

Answer: Yes, you can simply email us within 24 hours after placing your order. Because as soon as we receive your order it is processed to production depart at same day once it’s pattern is cut and stitched so it is not possible to be made any changes whether color, sizing, material etc.